What Happens at Sundown

What Happens at Sundown, an interactive mystery drama set in the world of 1960’s Hollywood, is the landmark twentieth Master Mystery Production. On the set of a popular horror television show, two fading screen legends try to negotiate their comebacks while the murder of a cameraman threatens to expose everyone’s deeply hidden secrets.

Daylight is rumored to be the most reassuring.  It brings light, warmth, and life to the world.  But as sure as anything could be in this universe, Earth will rotate, causing daylight to shrink and lingering shadows to grow and stretch to the distant horizon.  When the sun sinks into slumber, that last fiery burst of light is our final glimpse of serenity before night and the horrors that wait within feed upon our tensions, our insecurities, and our fears.  And sometimes…the hungry horrors rise from within our very souls.  Take this scenario: Two actresses in the twilight of their careers will learn what happens at sundown when the golden light of glamour fades and the deepening darkness begins to ooze out on this very unique episode of Sundown…”

The opening narration leaves a chill running down your spine as you prepare to travel through time and space to the 1960’s and a television program telling tales of dread and terror called Sundown.  But this is a unique episode.  The actors and production team have traveled to the Mojave Desert to film on location a story about two sisters, both actresses of a bygone era, whose antagonism escalates beyond control in their isolated surroundings.  But when a cameraman is murdered on set, fantasy becomes reality in all-too frightening ways as evidence points to the two lead actresses, former studio darlings themselves.  And the story they were going to tell seems to seep into their souls when the minds of the characters start to worm their way into their own.  Inspired by 1960’s classics What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and The Twilight Zone, this original tale of twists, turns, secrets, scandals, murder, and malice will push sanity to the brink and challenge audiences to discover a truth stranger than fiction.  What happens at sundown?  Only the brave know for sure.


Body Count: 2

Mechanics: Showstopper production involving set changes, historical costuming, special effects makeup, and lighting effects. Ideal for a partnership show and bigger stage production. Part of the Goodbye Hollywood series, although also works as a standalone show.


The Tinsel of Tinseltown


Roll Credits

Buffalo in Taffeta

Chapter Three


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