Mutiny on the Sea Witch



Our twenty-first Master Mystery Production is our first family-friendly adventure that takes audiences on a voyage on the Seven Seas called Mutiny on the Sea Witch. A crew of pirates is reaching the breaking point as an arduous quest for a fabled treasure threatens to spark mutiny among them and their obsessed captain.

What starts as a journey into a child’s boundless imagination soon transforms into a swashbuckling sea voyage of mystery, mutiny, and buried treasure.  Precocious and creative Suzie gathers her friends together for a game of pirates that whisks all of us to the shores of Charleston, South Carolina in the 1700’s.  Suzie tells a tale of her ancestor, the fearsome female pirate captain Cutlass Kate, the saber-swishing scourge of the Colonies and the Caribbean.  But it’s not all sword fights and talking parrots in this yarn.  When an act of mercy leads to an accusation of cowardice from an unknown source, a mutiny threatens Kate’s control of her ship.  Just as she was about to undertake the greatest coup of her seafaring career: the hunt for The Loot of a Thousand Ports.  As rivals on sea, on land, and on her own ship breathe down her neck, Kate must discover the instigator of the mutiny, secure her captaincy, and find this legendary treasure…or else it’s a one-way trip to Davy Jones’ locker.


Body Count: Zero; Non-murder mystery

Mechanics: Showstopper production involving a pirate ship set and kids for actors. Family-friendly interactive mystery featuring no murder. Ideal for community or children’s theaters.


Yo Ho!

The Legend of Cutlass Kate

Not Exactly Honest Folk

Shiver Me Timbers

Crossed Swords


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