Eat Cake

Eat Cake, the 22nd Master Mystery Production, is a raucous, rambunctious Rococo riot set in the palace of Versailles just before the French Revolution. The aristocracy and the rebelling proletariat clash at cross purposes with hilarious consequences as each try desperately to accomplish their murderous motives. Poisoned cake, revolutionaries under skirts, and mistaken identities will be the least of their worries.

It’s 1789, and it’s the last hurrah for the French aristocracy before the guillotine cuts the celebration short. At the gilt-and-crystal splendor of Versailles, the eccentric and flamboyant Marquis Mauvais has taken up the latest fashion in “philanthropy” when he scoops up Brigitte the Bawd from the streets of Paris and aims to transform her from the slums to the salons. Contending with his fiancée, a vicious gossip, and a distinguished, yet doomed countess is a cake walk for the egotistical nobleman, but little does he know that his pet project intends to smuggle in dangerous revolutionaries into the palace. When a series of failed assassinations at multiple targets rock the Marquis’ apartments, a madcap maze of motives and mistaken identity is exposed. Who is responsible for the insanity? Is anyone truly innocent? In a farcical nod to the madness of Versailles and the French Revolution, Eat Cake is a hilarious, high-speed mystery comedy with wacky characters, screwball secrets, and tumultuous twists and turns that make you wonder if anyone can have their cake and eat it too.


Body Count: 5

Mechanics: Showstopper production with elaborate 18th century costuming, hair, and makeup. Works better as a partnership show.


Let Them Eat Cake

Wars and Revolutions

Royals and Rebels

An Excess of Frosting

Icing on the Cake

Post Mortem: EAT CAKE

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