Foul Play



Our 23rd Master Mystery Production, Foul Play is a life-sized murder mystery board game inspired by the game, CLUE. Seven suspects play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse trying to put a mysterious host named King in check. But not everyone is playing a fair game. Was it Dr. Redmond in Cookbooks with the Poisoned Chocolates? Or Iris Royale in the Biographies with the Corkscrew? That’s for you to uncover. This is the first Master Mystery Production to offer to separate solutions to the crime.

It was like a game of chess. Seven complete strangers have been invited to a unique costume party hosted by a man they know only as King. King stage-managed everything, even down to sending his special guests their costumes in advance…along with a chilling note making the invitation impossible to resist. Because each guest hides a lethal secret they thought was long dead. While the suspects try to check the King, each realize they are a pawn in a grander scheme and one wrong move could prove fatal. More than one colorful character will fall in this life-sized board game mystery where you, the player, will make the choices that decide how the game plays out. Will you finesse the King or try to keep him in check? Whodunit? How? Why? Where? And with what? Join us for this killer costume party and see how the cards land for you. Because in this sinister game of foul play, someone isn’t playing fair…


Body Count: 2

Mechanics: Ensemble show with life-sized board game elements like cards, a spinner, and dice. Requires at least 7 actors. Features two separate solutions to the initial crime.


Let the Games Begin

Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair

Playing Your Cards Right

Color Me Intrigued

Post Mortem: FOUL PLAY

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