Color Me Intrigued: The Making of Foul Play (Part 3)

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There are all sorts of colors in the spectrum of human nature, and we had a lot of fun exploring the different personalities in our rainbow of suspects. But whether clad in hot pink or emerald green or cool midnight blue, each character has to have its own distinct voice behind it. That is the job of the actor. Here we let our colorful criminals share their views on the suspect they had to breathe life into.

COLOR ME INTRIGUED: The Making of Foul Play (Part 3)


Sexy, sassy, and smart, Dahlia Rosewood is a romance novelist whose real life affairs are usually glimpsed through rose-colored glasses. Rumor says she’s tickled pink about being a certain politician’s mistress, but there’s something rotten in her bed of roses. She may be getting her pink slip any day now. Not that any scandal would dim Dahlia’s rosy outlook on life. Drama, scandal, and shocking behavior are all in a day’s work for her, and her rambunctious past would be enough to make anyone blush. MMP all-star actress, Cat Kreidt, returns to dazzle and delight audiences after Diamond Mask Award-winning portrayals as “Massimo” D’Amato in Bury Me in Paris (Spring 2017) and Madam in What Happens at Sundown (September 2018), along with a vocal performance in Famous Last Words (July 2018). Here she shares her insights into romance writer, Dahlia, another infamous queen of hearts:

“Dahlia is a fun character to play. I’m always a fan of combining flirting and wit. As an author of romance novels, it’s imperative for Dahlia to, shall we say, ‘practice’ these skills in real life every chance she gets. For her, real life is just a dress rehearsal for her next story, and she can certainly spin a yarn, or should I say, spin a web…”


A dry, dusty scholar who believes academic brilliance has a price far above rubies, it seems incredible that Dr. Jasper Redmond Ph.D. has any blood in him at all. His fiery lectures on psychology dispel those myths. When he’s not navigating the red tape of academia, he pursues more dangerous and red-blooded endeavors which he keeps firmly hidden from others. King’s invitation to the cool-headed lecturer may seem like a red-letter day, but Dr. Redmond is no fool. Is this party just a red herring? Or is he about to be caught red-handed? Veteran actor, Jon Lewis, makes his MMP debut in the role of the noted psychologist, and audiences may remember him in roles such as Petruchio in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Inspector Goole in An Inspector Calls, and Jack in Incorruptible. Jon shares his thoughts on his appropriately ginger-bearded suspect:

“Dr. Jasper Redmond is aware of the dangers of spending time with and studying narcissists, but he’s certain he’s above falling to hubris. The underlying rage he subdues is perceptible in his judgmental squints and introverted body language. My character fails to see that he would be a fascinating case study.”


Good ol’ Russell Clementine—Rusty, to his friends and neighbors—is a charming lawyer from the Deep South with just a touch of a dandy about him. Don’t let the accent as smooth and sweet as caramel fool you. Rusty is a tiger in the courtroom with an acidic tongue and a mind like a razor. He may joke in polite company that his legal skills are a bit rusty, but he hasn’t lost a case yet. A slight quibble at his latest trial has soured his taste for Southern law, so when King dangles the carrot of a party invitation, Russell is the first to squeeze the orange of this intriguing opportunity. MMP veteran, Calvin Johnson, last thrilled audiences with his portrayal as Henri in Eat Cake (Spring 2019), where he won the coveted Diamond Mask Award for his performance. Audiences may also recall seeing (and hearing) Calvin as Geoffrey Challenger in the Goodbye Hollywood series (2015) and as the voice of Dr. Gary Fredericks  in Ex Luna (March 2016), the latter which earned him the Skeleton Key Award. Now let’s let Calvin spill some juicy secrets about Rusty Clementine:

“Russell ‘Rusty’ Clementine is very set in his ways, hardworking, and good at what he does. Being a high-class lawyer, he’s had to work very hard to get where he is and will stop at nothing to maintain his position. That said, Rusty is very amiable to those around him. He firmly believes in catching flies with honey rather than vinegar and applies that philosophy in his work and in his life in general. Like everyone though, Rusty has his limits, and when they’re reached, he can go from a fine Southern dandy to a violent, raging twister.”


On the outside, Sonny Goldstein, a super-wealthy mogul of a media empire is a ray of sunshine with a heart of gold, but remember that all that glistens be not gold. Sonny didn’t get rich by being yellow-bellied, that’s for sure. His detractors have called him “vicious,” “unscrupulous,” and “downright evil” in his business practices, but that never stops Sonny from buttering up his investors with promises as sweet as honey. While King’s invitation makes him suspicious, he catches a whiff of big money involved and would hate to miss such a golden opportunity. Nathan Murphy will make his Master Mystery Productions debut in this role, last seen as a member of the Chorus in Les Miserables. Here, he’ll shed some light on what makes Sonny tick:

“Sonny Goldstein, a multi-millionaire of self-made money; he exudes the air of someone rich enough to be used to getting what he wants and brought up average enough to be extremely prideful of his success, flaunting it at every opportunity. I enjoyed delving into this corrupt character, escaping his less luxurious upbringing, driven by self-importance and guided by the motto of ‘Money makes right.’ After all, if you have enough money, the world bends to you.”


The sweet, seemingly innocent young ingénue, Ivy Greenway, may look as fresh as a spring bud, but she’s a bit of a greenhorn when it comes to the long con she wants to play. She’s had her fun finding generous “uncles” to lavish her with greenbacks and crying crocodile tears when they pass away. Has this little con artist grown jaded from experience? King’s invite certainly tests her resilience, because Ivy suspects she may be able to make a mint off him. Make no mistake, her eyes are always on the green. Felicity Browne makes her MMP debut in Foul Play, but she’s no stranger to the stage with roles as Essie Carmichael in You Can’t Take It with You, an Ensemble performer in A Christmas Carol, and Inspector Goring in The Game’s Afoot; or Holmes for the Holidays. Felicity shares her views on a part a lot of people would envy:

“Through my journey of diving into Ivy Greenway, I found out many things about her. Ivy Greenway is a lot of things and may not look like the smartest person, but she is always calculating her moves to do what is best for her. She does not look out for anyone but herself. If that means schmoozing old, rich men and calling them ‘uncle’ in order to gain money from inheritances and rich gifts, she’ll do that. Some may call her a con artist, but she would call it a way of life. She likes to give off energy and be lavished with gifts. Who wouldn’t want that? But always, in the end, she looks out for herself and won’t let anyone stop her. That’s what I like about her. She may be flirtatious, but she is still proud of herself.”


A leading lady without peer, the legendary Iris Royale is a film star whose silver screen history is a shade bluer than many of her fans realize. After retiring from Hollywood, she slipped into the inky shadows as a recluse, and, once in a blue moon, she emerges for her adoring fans. Some say she’s been battling the storm clouds of depression and may never see clear skies again. Will King’s mysterious invitation help her shake off a serious case of the blues? Making her MMP debut, Lexi Phillips was last seen as a member of the Chorus in Little Women: The Musical. Lexi sheds some light into why Iris is always feeling so royally blue:

“When I got the part of Iris, I wasn’t exactly sure why. As I acted her out I soon realized I was rather comfortable with the forlorn, depressed Hollywood star. She’s beautiful, successful, but those things can’t influence her happiness with her less than sparkling past. She’s suffered for her roles, seen the glamour of Hollywood for what it really is, and these have only worn her down more. With the King debacle it’s just the icing on the cake for her, but through it she comes into her own as a person, maybe even for the first time. She’s turning from a lovely sapphire into a hope diamond of a woman. Tragic? Yes. But there’s more to her than that!”


A classical violinist, Heather Violette’s music is her pride and joy, and she often waxes eloquent—to the point of purple prose—about her musical accomplishments. Regal in her bearing and an absolute monarch in her demeanor, Heather is no shrinking violet and has caused many a conductor to go purple with rage. But don’t present her with a rival if you don’t want to end up black and blue. It’s a hint of a musical rival that draws the vain Heather to King’s party, and, if he’s not careful, King will be in for a major case of sour grapes. The always beloved Leslie Blake is an MMP veteran returning for Foul Play after a standout performance as Kim Hyatt in What Happens at Sundown (September 2018), earning her the Diamond Mask Award for Excellence in Performance. In August 2017, she was seen as Agent Paxton in our first Red Rock Books show, Anonymous, and her work on the production earned her the Skeleton Key Award. And in Spring 2019, she played our closing night Marie Antoinette and designed all the gorgeous 18th century makeup for Eat Cake. Leslie will share with us her insights on Heather’s true colors:

“Heather Violette is a very talented musician. She feels like she is at the top of her game. She believes she is the only person worth knowing and everyone else, unless they can help her, is just…staff. She’s too concerned with herself to be bothered with things such as kindness. Make sure the correct champagne is brought, darling, or you’re never going to hear the end of it.”


What is they say in murder mysteries? The butler did it? Well, we have a little twist in mind for that well-worn adage. But we’ll be clear about this: Don’t trust these sinister staff members. They may look polished and professional, but not everything in this world is black and white. There are many shades of silver in this mystery, and I hear servants have a good eye for shiny things. Diamond Mask Winner Jonathan Blair returns after stellar performances as Coxswain Pierce in Mutiny on the Sea Witch (November 2018) and as The Marquis Mauvais in Eat Cake (Spring 2019) to helm our sneaky staff as The Butler. MMP vets Tiffany Cheney (Marie Antoinette, Eat Cake) and Hope Thoms (Crew, Eat Cake) join him as double trouble Maids. Janis Kunz (Skeleton Key Winner, Eat Cake) will be playing one of the Maids on closing night. For a little taste of what’s to come, Jonathan Blair will serve up some secrets about our not-so-proper Butler:

“Johnny, the Butler, in his most current gig, is a moderately successful actor, thief, and con man. Highly dedicated to the roles he plays, he is a master of disguise and is able to fool all but the most discerning mind. His ambitions are both his greatest asset and his flaw. The Butler likes to play games with big risks. The bigger the role, the larger the challenge merely means a much richer payout and reward both financially and career-wise.”


It’s almost time to slip on your game faces, everyone! Roll the dice, spin the spinner, and question your suspects. Because Foul Play is opening this Saturday at Red Rock Books! Tickets are on sale at Red Rock Books. Don’t miss out!

–Master Mystery Productions

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