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Each Master Mystery Production show is custom-designed to fit a client’s needs and wishes. The descriptions below refer to basic packages to give potential clients an idea about price ranges. Each basic package can be customized to fit story, venue, and budget.

Disclaimer: Master Mystery Productions will not not responsible for catering or venue booking.  These will happen at the client’s discretion.


The Trunk Show (Price range: $200-$1000)


The simplest and most effective package especially for groups on a tight budget. Trunk shows include the lead writer bringing a “trunk” of clues, documents, and other story elements to bring the mystery to life. Play in these shows is usually focused on asking questions, examining crime scenes and documents, and interpreting a collection of clues. There may be one or two small acting roles based on the story. Trunk shows provide a budget-conscious way to get the interactive experience.

Examples: Murder at the Red Fez, Hello Out There, Hero, Ex Luna, Wildflowers for the Funeral, Murder at the Broken Heart Mine, The Last Chapter

The Ensemble Show (Price Range: $1000-$3000)


Ensemble shows are the middle range for a Master Mystery Production. They feature small casts of 4 to 6 people, costume, prop, hair, and make-up work, and a script. These are more intimate and more interactive renditions of the Showstoppers, ideal for organizations and small businesses who want to stage fundraisers or private events. Due to the cast experience, rehearsal times and actor compensation must be discussed and finalized. MMP often requests a minimum of three days of rehearsal in the final venue for an Ensemble Show.

Examples: Goodbye Hollywood, The Last Garden Party, Bury Me in Paris (Original Script), Ode to Agatha, Anonymous, Famous Last Words, Foul Play

The Showstopper (Price Range: $3000+)


Showstoppers are the most expensive and the most complex of all show packages, often including full theatrical production such as costumes, make-up, props, lights, sound, set, and special effects. They contain full scripts and a cast, so rehearsal time and actor pay would be negotiated. MMP often requests a minimum of two weeks of rehearsal time within the chosen venue. Showstoppers would be best suited for companies, organizations, and theatrical groups with the means to budget for a theatrical production.

Examples: Goodbye Hollywood: At the Rainbow’s End, Bury Me in Paris (Tea Shop Script), Exit Prima Donna, Mutiny on the Sea Witch, Eat Cake, Close Encounters of the Hairy Kind, Woman in the Walls


Certain previous shows are available for revival.  In our Show Gallery, you will see the archive of our past productions, each with a synopsis, pictures of the artwork and the event, and the list of requirements of the shows (status, body count, and mechanics).  Shows have two statuses: Available and Retired.  An Available show is able to revived for new clients.  A Retired show has been officially closed by MMP and is not available for resale.  Body Count refers to the number of “murder victims” during the show, which can vary.  Mechanics discusses show package, actor requirements, and gameplay.


Master Mystery Productions can also arrange partnerships with businesses and organizations whereby a ticket price is set, and a percentage of the proceeds goes to both parties.  These arrangements are set in place before show publicity begins.  We arrange an agreement with the business/organization about scale of show, rehearsal time (if applicable), staging, catering, publicity, etc.  Some of our most popular shows (Goodbye Hollywood, Hello Out There, The Last Garden Party, etc.) have been partnership shows.

NOTE: Partnership shows and commissioned shows are different.  Commissioned shows have a set price billed to the client, as if you were an outside entertainer commissioned for a party.  Partnerships allow a percentage for both MMP and the client, but both parties must be active in the promotion of the show.  Without those ticket sales, no one gets paid.


At this moment, Master Mystery Productions is developing and testing new methods to bring families and groups around the country interactive, ready-made, take-home mysteries to enjoy. While none are currently available, some of our archived Trunk Shows–such as Murder at the Red Fez, Ex Luna, Hero, and Hello Out There–are available for revival. Some cast shows–such as the Goodbye Hollywood series–are officially retired and not for resale.


All these show packages can be customized to suit a client’s needs and wishes. At MMP, we believe in experimenting and designing new forms of interactive mystery gameplay to make your mystery unique and memorable. Not sure what show you want? Email us at if you have any questions. Got an idea already? Click on Book A Show and send us a message including theme ideas, dates you’d like to book, and any other details such as venue size to audience numbers you may have.


Shows created and produced by Master Mystery Productions are under copyright to the original authors. They may not be reproduced without permission of the authors. All rights reserved.