Close Encounters of the Hairy Kind

For the 24th Master Mystery Production, Close Encounters of the Hairy Kind brings guests to the great outdoors to Crestwood Lake Campground on the outskirts of Ridgeview, where Bigfoot believers and skeptics have gathered to share their stories, stir up some trouble, and search for the evidence to establish a Bigfoot sanctuary…while wondering if they’ll have a close encounter of a very hairy kind.

You’ve never heard a campfire story like this before. Under dazzling starlight and lit only with the flickering glow of a fire, a group has gathered to tell their tales about several close encounters of the hairy kind. Invited to the campfire conference are those that have had Bigfoot sightings. They come from all walks of life. Some are local. Some are visitors. Some sightings are older. Some are very recent. All the host of this midnight meeting wishes is to garner enough positive publicity in an attempt to make the area a Bigfoot sanctuary. But a safe haven for Bigfoot is the last thing on someone’s list. While stories are shared, mountains are scoured, maps are plotted, and clues are hunted, a treacherous traitor to the cause will be on a very different kind of hunt. Who could it be? Where is Bigfoot? Is there any way to save him? Part of Weird Weekend 2019, you are specially invited to our campfire conference to track both the legend and the defector, and make the mountains safe for Bigfeet everywhere. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a close encounter of your very own.


Body Count: Zero, Non-murder mystery

Mechanics: Showstopper production with a large cast, numerous set pieces, and specialty lighting and costume design necessary. Works better as a partnership show. Will require author contract and negotiations with author on pay.


A Hairy Situation

The Ape-Man, The Myth, The Legend

Among Friends

Lights Out

Into the Woods


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