Famous Last Words

The nineteenth Master Mystery Production, FAMOUS LAST WORDS is an interactive mystery book signing first designed to commemorate the publication of writer/director Daniel Stallings’ debut mystery novel, Sunny Side Up.  Guests roamed the bookstore as sleuths tying to piece together the truth of mysterious cold cases by listening to the testimonies of several witnesses and interested parties…who may turn out to be suspects as well.

Two years ago, true crime writer Sabrina Watts planned to reveal startling, new facts in the celebrated and scandalous McGregor homicide case.  A hit-and-run accident stopped her words from ever getting out.  Now, at the book signing for his new mystery novel, Marcus Watts, Sabrina’s husband, makes the announcement for her: he found her notes on the case and plans to finish the work she started.  Those might be famous last words as an attempt on his life is made shortly thereafter, proving the McGregor case is far from sleeping quietly.  Six suspects in both murders will offer their testimonies to enterprising sleuths.  Six different and varying accounts of the same event.  But in one of them, a killer hides his crime.  Take on the role of detective as you listen to the suspects deliver their stories, secrets, and alibis and discover the fatal flaw in a master plan.  Sticks and stones may break those bones…but words can be a killer.


BODY COUNT: 4 all offstage, one attempted murder

MECHANICS: Ensemble/trunk show where six suspects provide testimony about three very different incidents, allowing sleuths to compare and contrast their stories to find the truth. Designed to travel.


Sticks and Stones

But Words Will Never Hurt Me

Third Degree

Hostile Witnesses


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