Exit Prima Donna

The legendary eighteenth Master Mystery Production, EXIT PRIMA DONNA, is one of our most ambitious projects, a magical, musical, and murderous journey into 19th Century Venice, Italy and the grandest opera house on the canals where a prima donna’s disappearance and a backstage murder unravel the facade of a united troupe at the turn of the century.

Venice, 1899.  The company of a grand opera house plans to throw a masquerade ball to celebrate the end of another successful season.  However, before the masks are donned and the festivities begin, Leonora, dresser at the opera house, bursts onstage in a panic as Donatella Violetta, the prima donna, has been kidnapped.  With her cries ignored and mocked, Leonora vows to take a solo vigil throughout the night until news of Donatella reaches her.  But the players return to find Leonora as a sleeping beauty, murdered from pricking her finger on a needle tainted with belladonna.  Was Leonora the intended victim?  Or did someone want to make the prima donna exit the stage forever?  Before the masks fall, a killer will take the spotlight and demand the ultimate price: a human life.  Enter the gilded glamour of the opera at the end of the 19th century for a magical, musical, and murderous journey into the secret, shadowy corners of the human heart.    Passion.  Loyalty.  Obsession.  Revenge.  They all have a front row seat at what could be the prima donna’s last exit.


Body Count: 2

Mechanics: Showstopper musical show with a full script and score.  Requires provisions for musical accompaniment, musical direction, chorus work, etc.  Rehearsals for staging and music required.  Works better as a partnership show.


Sing for Me

Confess Your Sins

Malicious Melodies

Paper Faces

Broken Lullaby


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