The Last Chapter

THE LAST CHAPTER, the seventeenth Master Mystery Production, celebrates the world of literature as the ghosts of famous literary legends issue challenges designed to earn clues and unveil the truth behind an act of terrifying rage.

It’s the annual afterlife gathering of the greatest ghost writers in the world.  And we mean ghost.  Some of the most famous (and infamous) literary legends have come together for a yearly post-mortem writers retreat.  William Shakespeare discusses poetry with Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe.  Ernest Hemingway and Dorothy Parker enjoy a little tête-à-tête when not arguing about their tastes in literature.  And Agatha Christie prefers the tea over the debates.  But as the day wears on, the plot thickens. Charles Dickens has issued a tantalizing challenge: Can any of the guests surmise the intended last chapter of The Mystery of Edwin Drood, his famous unfinished novel?  It’ll be an evening of lively debate and scandalous secrets as the world’s greatest talents take on the world’s most unsolvable mystery.  But what will happen when one of their own seeks a more…creative finish?


Body Count: Zero Onstage

Mechanics: Truck Show involving a series of timed challenges which will unlock a series of physical clues to the mystery.  Improvisation-heavy acting roles (seven which can be played by any gender) that can be done with volunteers from the crowd or client or be expanded into an ensemble show with MMP actors.


Ghost Writing

Afterlife of the Party


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