Sticks and Stones

Famous Last Words

Words are powerful things.  They can heal.  They can inspire.  They can wound.  They can shock.  They can entertain.  And sometimes…words can kill.  That is the premise behind our latest Master Mystery Production–an interactive mystery book signing where guests can get a novel and a cold case to solve.  A writer’s famous last words may be the key unraveling a carefully concocted crime of the past….and an attempt on someone’s life proves that the case is far from resting peacefully.  YOU will be the one to untangle this web of deception in…


Two years ago, true crime writer Sabrina Watts planned to reveal startling, new facts in the celebrated and scandalous McGregor homicide case.  A hit-and-run accident stopped her words from ever getting out.  Now, at the book signing for his new mystery novel, Marcus Watts, Sabrina’s husband, makes the announcement for her: he found her notes on the case and plans to finish the work she started.  Those might be famous last words as an attempt on his life is made shortly thereafter, proving the McGregor case is far from sleeping quietly.  Six suspects in both murders will offer their testimonies to enterprising sleuths.  Six different and varying accounts of the same event.  But in one of them, a killer hides his crime.  Take on the role of detective as you listen to the suspects deliver their stories, secrets, and alibis and discover the fatal flaw in a master plan.  Sticks and stones may break those bones…but words can be a killer.


Famous Last Words, clocking in as our nineteenth production, will be a one-day event celebrating the launch of writer/director Daniel Stallings’ debut mystery novel, Sunny Side Up.  This will be our second collaboration with Red Rock Books since our sold-out scavenger hunt mystery, Anonymous, back in August 2017.  Red Rock Books, recently counted as one of the best Independent Bookstores in the world by Atlas Obscura, is one of our most favorite places on the planet, so celebrating a book launch had to happen in this wonderful location.  Red Rock Books even kindly reviewed the book for us: “Snarky and hilarious! I was cheering for newbie Li Johnson from the start, as he dealt with overbearing bosses, tyrannical passengers, and even murder on this pleasure cruise from hell!” (Red Rock Books)

Sunny Side Up Front Cover
Sunny Side Up by Daniel Stallings

The show will be unique for MMP as it will turn into a traveling show that will play in bookstores everywhere.  It’s structured as a series of individual testimonies from seven suspects.  Guests would travel the bookstore to meet the seven suspects who will provide their testimony to the crimes in question.  Each has a different version of the same events.  It’s up to our sleuths to find the fatal flaws in a complex plot and unmask whodunnit, how, and why.  Red Rock Books will hold the only live version of the show with live actors performing their roles.  These performances will be recorded on tape to simulate evidence tapes collected at the time of the incident.  This will allow us to take the show anywhere.  But if you want to see live performers in costume and character, the show at Red Rock Books is the one to attend.

Cast List
Original Cast List

Famous Last Words opens Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. at Red Rock Books.  Admission is $25 each OR purchase the book package for $20 each, which includes a copy of Daniel Stallings’ debut mystery novel, Sunny Side Up, that you can have signed for free at the show.  Reservations are now on sale at Red Rock Books in Ridgecrest.  Doors will open at 7 p.m., and your reservation will be checked at the front desk prior to the show.

Join us for a unique interactive mystery where you will finish the final chapter of someone’s…


We hope to see you at the show!

–Master Mystery Productions


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