Ex Luna

The sixth show from MMP, EX LUNA (March 2016) was a lunar murder mystery where two teams–one as Mission Control, the other as a space station crew–have to communicate clues to a murder on the moon to solve the mystery and save the lives of marooned astronauts.

Space.  The final frontier.  The place where no one can hear you scream.  A team of astronauts are on a mission to recover the lost remains of the Eagle, the lunar module that carried the first men to the Moon.  But the recent lunar landing has gone horribly awry when the astronaut making a scheduled moon walk dies after his oxygen supply malfunctions.  Equipment that shows clear signs of tampering.  Before the crew can identify the one responsible, their capsule, on the return to Earth, suffers a devastating oxygen leak and power drainage, turning their return into a race for survival.  With a murdered crew mate and a killer in the capsule, it’s up to teams from Mission Control and the Space Station to assemble the evidence, solve the murder, and navigate the marooned astronauts back home in record time.  It’s an epic space-age adventure that will leave you breathless!


Body Count: 1

Mechanics: Trunk show featuring a voice-over segment, supplemental documents, and cooperative team play.


Where No One Can Hear You Scream

On the Wings of Apollo

Playing Astronaut

Voices from Beyond the Stars

Post Mortem: EX LUNA

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