Wildflowers for the Funeral

Wildflowers for the Funeral (April 2016) is the seventh production from MMP, an interactive murder mystery where the audience formed teams based on Mojave Desert wildflowers to study a serial killer’s scrapbook and find out not only who the killer is…but also save the life of her next victim.

They called her Wildflower, and she was a killer.  Literally.  In the past few months, three women have fallen at the hands of Wildflower.  Each had a desert wildflower near their bodies, a signature of the serial murderer haunting the Mojave Desert.  The city cowers as it waits for the next victim to fall.  Detectives will get their hands on Wildflower’s murderous scrapbook, filled with clippings and clues for each completed crime and crimes yet to be accomplished.  From there, guests must uncover not only the identity of Wildflower…but save the life of the next woman in her cross-hairs.  Who is Wildflower?  What is her mission?  And the biggest question…who’s next?


Body Count: 3 to 4

Mechanics: Trunk show including a scrapbook to study, supplemental documents, riddle gameplay, and team play.


Full Bloom


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