Wildflowers for the Funeral

Welcome to Post Mortem!  This is where Master Mystery Productions looks back on the performance of its most recent show.

On a rainy April 8, 2016, appropriate weather for a funeral, the city of Ridgecrest witnessed the premiere of MMP’s seventh production, Wildflowers for the Funeral, in partnership with the Eastern Sierra Branch of the California Writers Club (Ridge Writers).  Our show let our guests search for a a serial killer named Wildflower while trying to save the life of her next victim.


Another wonderful show!  The audience plunged into the scrapbook of Wildflower, dissecting the clues and clippings assembled by the killer to uncover her identity.  In six teams, each named after a wildflower from the Mojave Desert (Indian Paintbrush, Prince’s Plume, Fremont Pincushion, Baby Blue Eyes, Purple Sage, and Beavertail Cactus), guests look at clues such as newspaper articles, obituaries, poems, riddles, and letters for details to help decipher Wildflower’s manifesto.

Who is Wildflower?  Who is her next victim?  What is her mission?

The audience is hard at work.

Wildflowers for the Funeral is filled with twists, riddles, and opportunities for teams to affect each other during gameplay.  In order to save the victim’s life, at least three teams had to correctly identify her, the wildflower associated with her, and the reasons the killer chose her.  While trying to sift through their scrapbooks, the audience had to contend with riddles for bonus clues and time bonuses and penalties galore.  The most accurate team in figuring out the next victim was able to choose either a time bonus or a freebie clue AND got to select a team to suffer a time penalty.

Were they able to figure it out?


Four teams discovered the victim’s identity.  The audience saved her life from the menace of Wildflower.  The room burst into cheers and applause.

When it came time to reveal the identity of the serial killer, two teams came extremely close.  The difference between them was no thicker than the petal of a wildflower.  But in the end, Team Indian Paintbrush emerged victorious, correctly unearthing Wildflower and her crimes and winning the game!

Team Indian Paintbrush (foreground) studying the clues to come up with their winning solution.

It’s been a fun and wild adventure bringing Wildflowers for the Funeral to Ridgecrest for its annual Wildflower Celebration.  Master Mystery Productions would like to thank the Eastern Sierra Branch of the California Writers Club for sponsoring the show and a special thanks to the amazing audience who came to support it.  We hope you had an amazing time!

What’s our next production?  Well, it involves a beautiful garden set at an “English manor house,” a cast of snooty and silly Victorian lords and ladies, delicious tea and scones, and a corpse buried under the croquet set.  You are cordially invited this July to attend…


We sincerely hope to see you there!

–Master Mystery Productions

Note: If you are interested in auditioning for The Last Garden Party, check out our audition info here.

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