Auditions for The Last Garden Party


Ever been interested in performing in an interactive murder mystery? My Enchanted Cottage and Master Mystery Productions, the creators of the murder mystery tea, Goodbye Hollywood, are teaming up again for a new show and we need actors.

THE LAST GARDEN PARTY–a murder mystery garden tea

Auditions: April 15th and 16th from 2 to 4 p.m. at My Enchanted Cottage and Tea Room (214 W. Ridgecrest Blvd.)

The Last Garden Party will perform all Saturdays–July 9, 12, 23, and 30 at 7 p.m. at My Enchanted Cottage’s brand new Enchanted Garden space which will be open especially for us. It will be an original script by Daniel Stallings. Rehearsals will be decided based on the availability of the actors. Audition forms will be available at the auditions.

Auditions will consist of readings from selected sections of the script. There are five characters–three female, two male. No prior theatrical experience is necessary. We welcome everyone. Synopsis of the show and character descriptions are found below. Actors will receive compensation for their work.



England at the turn of the twentieth century was a period of peace, prosperity, and cloying politeness. In the year 1900, as Victoria’s record-shattering reign eased toward its end, young second wife of “the only wealthy peer left in England,” Phoebe Walliscroft, throws a garden party at their country estate to celebrate midsummer while her husband is abroad. But her party is not going according to plan. First, the village peerage doesn’t respect her since she’s “just an American.” Second, the festivities are dominated by Phoebe’s new and eccentric in-laws. Third, there’s a skeleton under the croquet set…just as they were about play a game! As her troublesome in-laws-turned-suspects trade witticisms, insults, and suspicions, Phoebe and the rest of her guests attempt to piece together this puzzling problem…before this garden party becomes their last.



PHOEBE WALLISCROFT–The young, American second wife of the absent Lord Walliscroft. She is the hostess of this last garden party, but her good intentions are hampered by her nutty new relatives. She is baffled by the eccentricities and the imperviousness to crisis of the British upper class. Her exasperation with their antics, the stress of finding a skeleton in her garden, and the pressure to solve the mystery pushes Phoebe in ways she couldn’t fathom.

LADY ELIZABETH MARGARET ANNE PRUDENCE TEMPERANCE CHARITY BRADFORDSHIRE-PIERCE–A Lady Bracknell-esque character, she is the wife of a socially prominent, but penniless peer. She has an extensive, almost encyclopedic knowledge of the British aristocracy, social customs, biting remarks, and the history and genealogy of the Walliscroft family. But Lady Elizabeth may not be what she seems…or what she claims.

GENERAL MAJOR–An obscure uncle to Lord Walliscroft with an equally obscure military history. His relatives often mix up “General Major” with “Major General.” He is an alcoholic shell of his former self who is constantly wandering through a haze and trying to find a way to smuggle booze into the garden party despite the hawk-like scrutiny of Lady Elizabeth. However, he still possesses an ounce of cunning and can unleash a smattering of sharp, dry observations.

PAUL WALLISCROFT–Lord Walliscroft’s son from his previous marriage who is, as is the way of these stories, around the same age as his stepmother. A scholarly man, Paul is the epitome of cool British reserve that scoffs at any “ridiculous fancies” such as the end of the British Empire or a body in the croquet lawn. He tolerates Phoebe, but is not enthused at his father’s second marriage.

MIA MALLOWAN–The ward of Lord Walliscroft who everyone assumes will eventually marry his son, Paul. Impetuous, brash, and strong-willed, Mia is independent and loves it. She is a sassy girl who enjoys playing tricks on her relatives. But she also has a ruthless side with an undercurrent of greed.

We hope to see you at auditions!  Let’s make magic!

–Master Mystery Productions

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