Full Bloom

Wildflowers for the Funeral

This spring…crime will be in full bloom…

Master Mystery Productions is proud to present, in collaboration with the Eastern Sierra branch of the California Writers Club (Ridge Writers), its seventh production, Wildflowers for the Funeral, on April 8, 2016!

They called her Wildflower, and she was a killer.  Literally.  In the past few months, three women have fallen at the hands of Wildflower.  Each had a desert wildflower near their bodies, a signature of the serial murderer haunting the Mojave Desert.  The city cowers as it waits for the next victim to fall.  Detectives will get their hands on Wildflower’s murderous scrapbook, filled with clippings and clues for each completed crime and crimes yet to be accomplished.  From there, guests must uncover not only the identity of Wildflower…but save the life of the next woman in her crosshairs.  Who is Wildflower?  What is her mission?  And the biggest question…who’s next?


Wildflowers for the Funeral is MMP’s third collaboration with Ridge Writers, following the sold-out sensations of Goodbye Hollywood and Hello Out There.  It’s our first story centered on a serial killer and introduces many new concepts in gameplay.  Each team, named after a desert wildflower, will be given copies of Wildflower’s scrapbook, which contains all the clues to solve the crimes.  It’s also the first time MMP is allowing the audience to shape the direction of the story.  How well teams perform affects other aspects of gameplay and can determine whether or not the teams save the life of Wildflower’s next victim.  Even the seating will determine certain story elements and will turn this mystery into a battle of wits unlike any other.


Wildflowers for the Funeral will feature a tasty refreshment buffet for our guests and plenty of twists and turns throughout the story.  The show performs on Friday, April 8 at 2 p.m. at Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church.  Tickets are $12 individual and $20 couple and are available at Red Rock Books.

Want a sneak peek at one of the pages in Wildflower’s scrapbook?  Well, she offers you this little challenge first.  Solve Wildflower’s Riddle and then message the Master Mystery Production’s Facebook page with the answer to get an exclusive glimpse at Wildflower’s record of her crimes.  The riddle is posted below:


Happy solving, MMP fans!

–Master Mystery Productions


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