HERO performed on October 9, 2015 for the Peer Mentor Club of the University of California, Sacramento. It was a team-based, progressive clue, comic book superhero murder mystery where students formed “justice leagues” to solve the murder of the electrical hero, Surge.

No one in the super community really liked Surge.  A pushy, arrogant, cutthroat, profit-seeking, fame-lusting hero, Surge loved to be loved and to wield his frightening power: his power over all electricity.  He can shoot bolts of electricity from his hands.  Control machines.  Shift magnetic fields.  Bend lightning.  And the world breathes a sigh of relief that he’s one of the good guys.  Or is he?  After a nasty accident forces him into early retirement, the alter ego of Dr. Serge Nicholson fades into obscurity while the legend of Surge is venerated for future generations.  Until the ex-hero is found murdered.  Now the government has gathered teams of the finest vigilante heroes of our time to investigate the murder and unmask the truth.  Is there a conspiracy to kill more costumed crusaders?  Or is something more personal behind this superhuman murder?


Body Count: 1

Mechanics: Trunk show featuring a comic book for study, supplemental documents, and team play.  No actors required, but can be included to create an ensemble show.

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