Hello Out There

Hello Out There  (September 2015) is an interactive murder mystery dinner set in the Mojave Desert. Tables formed teams of sleuths, each named after famous mystery authors and fictional detectives, to solve the crime.

Fierce winds and the attentions of scavengers have unearthed a deadly secret in the Mojave Desert.  Human bones, lost for years, and the tattered remains of a backpack tell a story as mysterious and dark as the legends swarming this secluded slice of the world.  Teams of sleuths have assembled to finish the story.  Because the bones bear the marks of murder and the scant belongings tie the skeleton to a vanishing camp several decades before.  What secrets bind the two together?  What do the legends of yesteryear have to do with the bodies of today?  What of the missing campers and the references to lights in the sky?  This will be a unique murder mystery to suit this weird and wonderful locale.  Will the sleuths be able to navigate the twists and turns of this bizarre case?  Or will the searing sands of time bury the truth of this cold case forever?


Body Count: 1

Mechanics: Modified trunk show featuring an interactive crime scene and team play.  No actors required.


Murder in Retrospect: HELLO OUT THERE


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