Goodbye Hollywood: At the Rainbow’s End

The third show from MMP, GOODBYE HOLLYWOOD: AT THE RAINBOW’S END (July 2015) is a stage expansion of the original murder mystery tea set in 1940’s Hollywood, featuring an expanded storyline and additional scenes.

Hollywood, 1943–For some, it was a place where girls could dream about worlds over the rainbow.  For others, it was a city of broken dreams.  Simon Pritchard, a struggling writer, remembers Hollywood all too well.  The glitz and glamour of Cinema’s Golden Age had been tarnished for him by the murder of his childhood friend, silver screen queen, Lila Schroeder.  Now suffering from guilt over the events of the original GOODBYE HOLLYWOOD, Simon seeks to atone by recording his story–and Lila’s–in a book called Rainbow’s End.  Step into the world of Simon’s book and Simon’s shadowy memories to the glamorous and luxurious world of 1940’s Tinseltown where the stars shine from diamonds and pearls, the films are in shades of silver, and a whole spectrum of secrets can destroy a human being.  Welcome to the other side of the rainbow…


Body Count: 3 to 4

Mechanics: Showstopper production requiring a minimum of seven actors–4 male, 3 female.

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