Goodbye Hollywood

The second Master Mystery Productions, GOODBYE HOLLYWOOD (Spring 2015), a murder mystery tea set in the glamour of 1940’s Hollywood.

In the 1940’s, the tinsel of Tinseltown shines brightly as an era in American cinema settles into a glittering Golden Age.  At an intimate Hollywood tea shop frequented by the filmmaking crowd, the biggest buzz surrounds the table of the great, glamorous Lila Schroeder, queen of the silver screen.  With a domineering manager (and mother), a scheming leading man, and a moody screenwriter as her guests, Lila’s diva behavior quickly sets teeth on edge and blood to boil.  When the tea runs hot and the tension hotter, it isn’t long before everything explodes in a single gunshot and a Hollywood star slumps dead to the floor.  At once a glamorous Hollywood tragedy, an explosive family drama, and an interactive game, guests are invited to dress up as their favorite movie stars of that Golden Age and solve a murder mystery as shimmering as the lights of a marquee.


Body Count: 2

Mechanics: Ensemble show requiring 4 actors–2 male, 2 female.  Progressive clue mystery where each flashback scene is prefaced by a clue to the mystery.


Murder in Retrospect: GOODBYE HOLLYWOOD


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