Murder at the Red Fez

Artwork from Master Mystery Productions’ first show, MURDER AT THE RED FEZ (2013/2015), a 1920’s progressive-clue murder mystery set in a speakeasy originally for the Red Hat Ladies of Bakersfield. To date, it’s our most popular production, having been revived four times.

Welcome to the Roaring 20’s.  Mickey “the Muckler” O’Rourke owns and operates the Red Fez, a flashy, glamorous speakeasy and casino that may have connections to the Irish Mob.  The joint is filled with flappers, gamblers, gangsters, and protesters when Mickey gets iced just as the jazz really starts to swing.  Could it have been his long-standing mistress who found the body?  Or the president of the temperance organization determined to expose the man as a mobster?  Join us at the Red Fez for a murder, mayhem, and mystery.  It’s a swingin’ good crime!


Body Count: 2

Mechanics: Trunk Show with minimal to no actors.  Guests can play as suspects.

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