Game Over


Designed for Instagram and Facebook, GAME OVER, the tenth Master Mystery Production (October 2016), let cyber sleuths test their wits against writer and designer Daniel Stallings in an 8-bit themed interactive mystery first shared by Michelle Anneliese.

Six colorful friends have come together for a wicked little party in a sinister mansion where the night’s entertainment would prove to be their very own lives.  A charming parlor game called “Murder” goes awry when the lights go out and the chandelier falls…on one of the guests.  The discovery of the sliced rope puts a wrinkle in this game of life and death, and the remaining guests, each with a secret they’d rather keep buried, have to play nice or risk losing lives in this interactive mystery designed for online play.  Who will make it to see the end of the game?  And who is the murderer having his own cruel kind of fun?


Body Count: 1

Mechanics: Online game with seven sets of story images, each uploaded a day at a time to build the overall story.


The Game Is Afoot

Colorful Characters: The Suspects of Game Over


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