The Game is Afoot


Early October sees the global premiere of our tenth interactive mystery on the most interactive media we have: the Internet.  Through Instagram, Master Mystery Productions and our client, Michelle Anneliese, will present the story of a full spectrum of suspects and an innocent party game that goes fatally wrong.  October 10th through the 17th will become a week of playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as our cyber-sleuths solve the mystery of a fallen chandelier in Game Over.

Six colorful friends have come together for a wicked little party in a sinister mansion where the night’s entertainment would prove to be their very own lives.  A charming parlor game called “Murder” goes awry when the lights go out and the chandelier falls…on one of the guests.  The discovery of the sliced rope puts a wrinkle in this game of life and death, and the remaining guests, each with a secret they’d rather keep buried, have to play nice or risk losing lives in this interactive mystery designed for online play.  Who will make it to see the end of the game?  And who is the murderer having his own cruel kind of fun?

meeple1meeple3 board-gamemeeple4meeple5

Game Over is landmark for our company as it’s our first ever online interactive mystery, a mystery that anyone can solve from the comfort of their own home.  All you need is a Facebook account to play.  The game is simple: For seven days, @manneliesemedia on Instagram will post seven images, each unveiling more of the story.  Each image contains clues and other information our detectives can use to solve the crime.  On the last day, our audience is on their own and must fill out their ballot with who they think the killer is, how the crime was accomplished, and why.  The first person to give the most accurate solution will win a prize package courtesy of Master Mystery Productions and Michelle Anneliese!

Be quick, though!  Our online sleuths only have one day to turn in their solution.  On October 18th, we announce the winner of Game Over.


This show was one of our most challenging to design, but show writer and designer, Daniel Stallings, who not only wrote the mystery, but also created the original art, says the experience was one of the most memorable and fortifying.  Game Over takes the art of interactive mystery to a new place for us,and we are excited to bring it to you.

Be sure to follow Master Mystery Productions on Facebook to get more information and clues about the story and its suspects.  Game Over runs from October 10th to October 17th with the winner revealed on the 18th.  The show is free to enter and the rules for entering the contest are listed below.


Join us for a game no one is likely to forget.  Because before you know it, it will be…


Watch the video trailer for the show here.

Have fun!

–Master Mystery Productions



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