Murder at the Broken Heart Mine

MURDER AT THE BROKEN HEART MINE, the eleventh Master Mystery Production (February 2017), took audiences to the dusty landscape of Stardust City Ghost Town  on their Valentine’s Weekend Spectacular where a skeleton was an unlucky strike in the “Tunnel of Love” mine shaft.  Teams had to dig up evidence to solve the mystery of the bones.

Back in the 1800’s, in the silver-studded hills of Southern California, Stardust City was a boomtown named after its richest provider, the Stardust Mine.  But soon the silver dried up, the miners moved on, and the mine got renamed the Broken Heart Mine, “because your heart was sure to be broken if you tried to mine it.”  Stardust City became a ghost town for over a hundred years until it was refurbished into a historical Wild West park.  To drum up business, the Stardust City Ghost Town holds a Valentine’s Day celebration, encouraging couples to strike it rich in their museums, restaurants, shops, and shows.  One couple makes an unlucky strike when a skeleton is unearthed in the “Tunnel of Love” mine shaft.  And when the bones show signs of murder, the luck continues to dry up.  Whose bones are they?  Why are they found in the mine?  What connection do they have with a television show, an unsolved disappearance, and a stolen treasure?  Saddle up, ladies and gents, for a story of greed, love, passion, and a murder most Western.


Body Count: 1

Mechanics: Trunk show involving team play, an interactive crime scene, bonus challenges, and reward-based interrogations.


My Achy Breaky Heart


Devious Designs: The Dynamite Box

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