Bury Me in Paris

The twelfth Master Mystery Production, BURY ME IN PARIS (Spring 2017), let audiences join a group of bohemian artists at their studios on the Left Bank of the Seine in 1920’s Paris.  Guests got to enjoy a glass of wine or cup of tea while watching an original play starring our most scintillating suspects yet while trying to decipher who is threatening the life of Madame Mustache.  The event included live jazz and a gallery show of original artwork.

Paris, 1924.  In the neighborhood of Montparnasse, artists, writers, and rebellious socialites lived la vie boheme in their studios and salons on the left bank of the Seine.  The most notorious of the bohemians was Chantal, the infamous “Madame Mustache.”  A liberated woman and eccentric character, Chantal has chosen to paint a mustache on her face with makeup so as not to be judged by her beauty alone.  Flitting from art to art (and lover to lover), she has lately been crafting her magnum opus of her highly fictionalized life story entitled Bury Me in Paris.  But someone in her fabulous inner circle has not found this story quite as charming and has taken to threatening Chantal’s life.  Who wants to bury her in Paris for good?  Join a cast of chic and suspicious artists as they share gossip, secrets, and passions in the magic of 1920’s Paris and help them solve a mystery that might make living the bohemian life a very difficult occupation.


Body Count: 3

Mechanics: Upper-range ensemble show with two script options.  Original script features 6 actors–3 female, 3 male.  Tea Shop script features 7 actors–4 female, 2 male, and an androgynous character that can be played in any fashion.  There is a question-and-answer period just before the audience fills out their ballots.  Can grow into a Showstopper due to the heavy costuming and prop needs of the script.


The Paris We Should Know

Danger in the Garden of Eden

Masculine vs. Feminine

Artistic Temperaments

Dress For Your Worst Enemy

Fire and Ice-The Two Chantals


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