Pauper’s Grave

The ninth Master Mystery Production, PAUPER’S GRAVE (September 2016), allowed our guests to become villagers and members of four powerful families in the haunted village of Crow’s Killing, England. They had to hide their secrets while trading for information, make accusations, defend their family, and compete in three Gothic challenges to unearth the truth about a murdered gravedigger and a violated pauper’s grave. Written by Daniel Stallings and C. R. Rowenson, it is their second collaboration since Hello Out There (September 2015).

A fog drapes over the village of Crow’s Killing nestled in the English moors, and shifting shadows play tricks with the eye. Is someone…or something…digging up the graves of the poor? The mystery only deepens when, the following morning, the villagers discover a defiled grave, a missing corpse, and the body of the local gravedigger whose heart has been pierced with an arrow. Hiding in the sanctuary of the church, guests, playing as villagers, will hear local legends about the village’s resident ghosts and ghouls. Could they be responsible for the murder in Crow’s Killing? Or is a far more human presence involved?



Body Count: 2

Mechanics: Trunk show with elaborate family histories, genealogies, and mythologies.  Includes three interactive challenges for important clues and some audience improvisation and cooperative play.


Shadows in the Churchyard

A Living Novel

It Takes a Village

Legend Has It


Devious Designs: The Open Grave


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