Who’s Who?

Who’s Who?, the 28th Master Mystery Production, is a come-as-you’re-not costume party caper where a group of ambitious and bungling thieves infiltrate a costume party at a bookstore to try and steal a priceless treasure left behind by an eccentric heiress. But with the puzzle going over their heads, these numbskull ne’er-do-wells will have to resort to dizzying distractions, double-crossing deals, the silliest safecracking get-ups, and quick-witted quips to try and get what they want.

Wealthy and eccentric Great-great Aunt Gladys Honeypot has finally moved on to a better place…to Las Vegas where she can live it up in her golden years! Aunt Honeypot was famous for her unusual tricks, pranks, and behavior. Like the legend of her giving a priceless treasure to her favorite bookstore as “a token of her boundless appreciation”…which then turns several not-so-honest eyes on the bookstore as a target. When the store hosts a special “Who’s Who Come-as-You’re-Not Costume Party,” a ragtag collection of people decide it’s the perfect occasion to come as they’re not to liberate the store of this priceless treasure. But in a world where nothing is as it seems and no one is who they say they are, finding the treasure will be one wild, madcap adventure. Alliances will be made and broken, and someone might just double-cross the double-crossers. Who are these people? Where is the treasure hidden? And just what is the treasure? These are the mysteries you get to solve as you tangle with screwball secrets, slapstick suspects, and hilarious hijinks, because in this costume party caper, everyone has something to hide.


BODY COUNT: Zero (Non-murder mystery)

MECHANICS: Ensemble show with a medium-sized cast, styled as a costume party. Currently written as a site-specific piece for a local bookstore, but can be written and reimagined to fit other locations. Family-friendly production with no bad language and no murder. Ideal for children’s groups, community or children’s theatre, schools, etc.


The Who’s Who of Criminal Artistry

Capering About

Just Who is Who?

Come As You’re NOT

Post Mortem: WHO’S WHO?

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