Closer to Heaven

Closer to Heaven, our 29th Master Mystery Production, is a totally killer 1980’s murder mystery party set in a neon nightclub in the heart of Los Angeles where the employees spend one terrifying night wrestling with a serial killer known as the Half Moon Killer. With the club’s owner being the famous survivor of the killer who is determined to trap him for good, the stage is set for live rock music, dark secrets, and an intense confrontation with a moonlight madness monster.

Picture it: The summer of 1986. A totally killer new nightclub has opened in the City of Angels. Dawn Schuyler helms Closer to Heaven, a neon, new wave night spot staffed with her own specially selected “angels” to be both the amped-up heart of L.A. nightlife and a safe haven for the women in her employ. But her heaven on Earth may not be so safe anymore. Left scarred by her encounter with the Half Moon Killer, a Los Angeles serial killer known for carving a waning crescent moon on his victims’ faces, Dawn knows her unlikely survival marks her as “the one who got away.” And the Half Moon Killer doesn’t like to leave projects unfinished. Undeterred by the threat and determined to protect her haven, Dawn hosts a “Moonlight Madness” glow-in-the-dark party to coax the killer out of hiding and end his reign of terror. Dawn is ready to face down a monster with a human face and be the ultimate final girl. But is she prepared for any of her angels to fall? It’ll be a neon night of radical risks, legit lunacies, and totally righteous revelations while guests try to find the murderous M.O. at Dawn’s “Moonlight Madness” party. Will Dawn bow to the pressure? As if.


BODY COUNT: 1 to 2

MECHANICS: Showstopper production with period costuming, special effects makeup, glow-in-the-dark accents, unique lighting, sound, and electrical requirements, and the potential for live music. Works better as a partnership show.


Heaven Is a Place on Earth

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Calling All Madonna Wannabes

Day-Glo Dress Code

If Zombies Wore Neon Eyeshadow

Big Hair, Don’t Care

Rock On!