Unlucky Seven

Unlucky Seven, the landmark 30th Master Mystery Production, is an interactive mystery premiered at the 2022 Eastern Sierra Book Festival about a motley collection of seven witnesses to an underhanded and surprising heist of a woman’s jackpot she won at a shady casino. Each witness has a slightly different version of the same event, but hidden within their statements are the kernels of truth about who made off with a mint in looted nickels. Who is the ne’er-do-well who brought a raincloud of bad luck to one woman’s moment of good fortune?

Of all the rotten luck! Seven is supposed to be a lucky number, but not for these seven strangers who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. A robbery has been discovered at the Lucky Strikes Casino. A woman’s jackpot of nickels was stolen from her slot machine, and these seven witnesses were the found closest to the scene of the crime. All of them say they got a glimpse of the jingling thief rushing away with the loot, but all of them have a different version of the same event. How could a thief disappear with a fortune in loose change clanging their pockets? One of this unlucky seven may know more about this casino crime than they let on, and it will be up to you, the investigating officer, to find the fatal flaw in a whole lineup of witness testimonies. Will you find the light-fingered louse and hit the jackpot on this kooky caper? Let’s hope luck is on your side.


BODY COUNT: Zero; Non-murder mystery

MECHANICS: Reader’s Theatre ensemble production specially designed for festival usage involving a rotating audience mechanic and fixed actor positions. Can be refitted into a more standard production style with memorization and full staging.


Luck Be a–


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