Heaven Is a Place on Earth

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Throw on a totally bitchin’ track, tease your hair to heaven, and break out the chunky Day-Glo jewelry, shoulder pads, and legwarmers. Channel your inner Madonna, Whitney Houston, Duran Duran, Prince, Belinda Carlisle, Michael Jackson, Adam Ant, Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper, Freddie Mercury, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Pat Benatar, or WHAM. We’re resurrecting the 80’s with the style only Master Mystery Productions can bring. Like, let’s get totally ready for Valley girls in Friday the 13th swag, a Shakespearian Sonny Crockett, the Ultimate Madonna Wannabe, and a neon nightmare known only as the Half-Moon Killer. A music store becomes a Hollywood nightclub for one weekend only as we bring to life our 29th Master Mystery Production!


Picture it: The summer of 1986. A totally killer new nightclub has opened in the City of Angels. Dawn Schuyler helms Closer to Heaven, a neon, new wave night spot staffed with her own specially selected “angels” to be both the amped-up heart of L.A. nightlife and a safe haven for the women in her employ. But her heaven on Earth may not be so safe anymore. Left scarred by her encounter with the Half Moon Killer, a Los Angeles serial killer known for carving a waning crescent moon on his victims’ faces, Dawn knows her unlikely survival marks her as “the one who got away.” And the Half Moon Killer doesn’t like to leave projects unfinished. Undeterred by the threat and determined to protect her haven, Dawn hosts a “Moonlight Madness” glow-in-the-dark party to coax the killer out of hiding and end his reign of terror. Dawn is ready to face down a monster with a human face and be the ultimate final girl. But is she prepared for any of her angels to fall? It’ll be a neon night of radical risks, legit lunacies, and totally righteous revelations while guests try to find the murderous M.O. at Dawn’s “Moonlight Madness” party. Will Dawn bow to the pressure? As if.

Photo by Natu00e3 Romualdo on Pexels.com

Closer to Heaven is a radical 80’s murder mystery party written and directed by MMP founder and Hall of Fame Artist Daniel Stallings. It will be a landmark show of firsts for our company: the first collaboration with Moe’s Music in Ridgecrest, the first MMP show to feature a live band, and the first party of this scale we’ve ever thrown. Closer to Heaven is a totally immersive theatrical experience where our audience will sit in our acting area, listen to live music played by the band Hot Tub Metal Machine, get their photo taken at our 80’s photo booth, enjoy tasty food, compete for prizes in our 80’s costume contest, and solve a mystery of a serial killer haunting a nightclub in Los Angeles 1986. All in one night at our glow-in-the-dark “Moonlight Madness” party. We are encouraging our audiences to show up in their best 80’s threads and get ready to dance and deduce the night away!

The cast of Closer to Heaven is a cast and crew of MMP veterans and heavy hitters who are ready to make this show their masterpiece. Everything about the production is built to be bigger than ever. Big hair, big shoulder pads, big makeup, big personalities. We’re pulling out all the stops–vintage 80’s clothes on our actors and on the walls, special effects makeup that would make Rick Baker drool, sinister glow-in-the-dark masks, and a story the celebrates everything from the slasher flick to 80’s infomercials to classic TV shows to a tale of survivors banding together (in more than one way). The drama is tense and tight as we spiral toward a shocking finale. For one weekend only, the cast of Closer to Heaven will make the 80’s feel more alive than ever before as we embark on one of the most ambitious projects we’ve ever undertaken.

Moe’s Music
(Photo by VISITAL Photography)

And when we say party, we mean a party! This is more than just a play; It’s a fully immersive, interactive experience. From the minutes you walk in the door, 80’s tunes will be playing. We’ll have a photo booth courtesy of VISITAL Photography perfect for an 80’s Prom picture with your and your friends. We’ll have refreshments available. We’ll host a costume contest for the guests with gift baskets courtesy of Moe’s Music for the winners. We’ll even have a VIP Velvet Rope section where, for a little extra money, you get all the show benefits, front row seats for the play and concert, plus some special, limited edition show merch to commemorate your totally killer night out.

Closer to Heaven, a totally killer 1980’s murder mystery party written and directed by Daniel Stallings, performs Friday, May 13, Saturday, May 14, and Sunday, May 15 at 7:30 p.m. at Moe’s Music (207 W. Ridgecrest Blvd.). Tickets are $25 each, which buys a seat at the show, a seat for the concert, food and refreshments, and access to our 80’s photo booth. Limited VIP Velvet Rope seating is $35 each which, in addition to all the event amenities, will give you specially-reserved front row seating for the show and concert, special treats, and one-of-a-kind Closer to Heaven merchandise.

For three nights only, join us for an outrageous and outstanding murder mystery party that only MMP can throw. But be alert. With the Half-Moon Killer lurking in the shadows of the nightclub, you’ll definitely be…


We’ll, like omigod, totally see you in May for the show!

–Master Mystery Productions

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