Mum’s the Word

The 27th Master Mystery Production, Mum’s the Word, is an homage to both the old radio detective serials popular in the early 20th century and the enduring legacy of Sherlock Holmes with this entirely digital production featuring award-winning voice talent and the story of a missing English schoolgirl. But while the eccentric British detective delights in obscure clues and his clashing wardrobe, the famously (and previously unfinished) radio drama reveals a darker tale of obsession and escape. It used to be mum’s the word about what really happened…but now the truth will set these voices from another lifetime free.

The Adventures of Basil Bremerton, starring the eccentric English detective known for unraveling the most impossible crimes, ruled the radio waves for years as the world’s favorite mystery radio program in the 1940’s. Basil’s simultaneous love for obscure clues, loud clothes, and the meticulous scraping of evidence from a crime scene made him a household name and beloved the world over, much to the pleasure of the actors performing in the series week after week. But at the broadcast of “Mum’s the Word,” Basil’s latest adventure at an elite English girl’s school to solve the strange disappearance of a student who was part of a mysterious clique, some villain broke into the studio and murdered Aaron Astley, the man who brought Basil to life every episode, and left this adventure forever unfinished. Until today. Listen to the last adventure of Basil Bremerton and see if you, from the comfort of your home, can figure out the finale of this unfinished episode as well as who took Basil off the air for good.


Price: $40 to rent for one week.

Body Count: 1 (Zero in School Edition)

Mechanics: Digital production consisting of one 90-minute video production styled as an old radio show from the 1940’s. Also available in a School Edition containing just the one-hour radio show mystery and not the murder frame story of the expanded version as well as supplemental worksheets and PowerPoint presentations for students developed by teachers from MacArthur Middle School. Versions available with closed captioning.


Shhhh…Mum’s the Word

Fun Facts About Mum’s the Word

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