Regions Beyond

Regions Beyond, our 26th Master Mystery Production, is our first digital series, a found footage paranormal mystery series inspired by The Blair Witch Project and Scooby Doo. Framed by a disturbing and unsolved disappearance decades ago, the series is formed from a paranormal investigator’s long-missing cassette tapes of her investigations. Recorded on these tapes are not only the individual mysteries she solves about ghosts, witches, monsters, and more, but also the trail of clues to what really happened to Emma Emerson and her cat, Samhain, many years ago…

While searching an old storage building, you stumble across a box holding a voice from regions beyond. Secreted away in a dusty and forgotten corner is a long-lost collection of cassettes that could hold the keys to a celebrated and unsolved missing persons case. Before her unexplained disappearance decades ago, Emma Emerson was an experienced P.I. But in this case, P stands for Paranormal. She ran Regions Beyond, her investigation service into all things ghostly and ghoulish. An expert in folklore and debunker of hoaxes, Emma traveled all over the country to sniff out the spirits wreaking havoc in old hotels, abandoned houses, creepy cellars, and haunted theaters. With her trusty tape recorder, Emma recorded her case notes, interviews with witnesses, and the unearthly phenomena and voices from beyond. But not all things that go bump in the night come from the afterlife. Trapped on those tapes are the clues to sinister mysteries where fiendish minds have turned to many a monster and manifestation to disguise more human motives. And with her notes to help her, Emma will unmask the people orchestrating these otherworldly nightmares. And by listening to her last words, will you be able to follow the trail to what really happened to Emma all those years ago?

Status: AVAILABLE (Free on YouTube)

Body Count: Various

Mechanics: Free online YouTube series.

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