12 Tips for a Successful Audition


With a new show on the horizon, Master Mystery Productions will be holding auditions sooner than you think. But don’t worry; we have tips to help you feel confident and have an overall successful audition.

1) It’s okay to be nervous.

We are all nervous at some point or another, and auditions are a prime time to get the butterflies. If you say it, it may help you shake off some of those nerves, rather than trying to hide it. Nerves are natural and won’t count against you.

2) Remember your audition starts the moment you start filling in your form to the moment you leave.

It’s not just about what you deliver in your readings or scenes, but about your chemistry with others, how you handle direction and critique, how you behave when you’re not front and center, and more. We don’t want you to not be yourself, but we also want this to be a professional experience for everyone.

3) Study the show you’re auditioning for.

We work with original content, but we publish synopses, character breakdowns, and more prior to auditions to help actors feel out a show. Each audition consists of reading select passages of the original scripts. The director will give you extra feedback on characters to help you. Understanding the intended tone of the show is key. For instance, if you’re auditioning for a show set in Europe in the 18th century, don’t audition with a flat, modern American accent. A little research will go a long way.

4) Ask questions.

Questions are good and will help you better understand the characters you’re trying to grasp in only a few minutes. We’re trying to find the performers who best grasp those characters in the fastest time. The more you ask, the better your chances.

5) Listen.

Listen to direction and feedback. Listen to other people’s delivery and questions. You’ll learn more. And what you learn can then be applied to yourself now and in future auditions.

6) Provide variation in emotion, tone, and delivery.

Nothing worse than a dry delivery without emotion. You always get a chance to study an audition selection before performing it. Read it thoroughly and develop ideas on how to spice up your delivery. Don’t just read it; Perform it. This is theater after all.

7) Feel free to get physical.

Body language is so important. Feel free to get up and move around as you perform. Use your body. You will rarely stand still in an actual show so don’t do it in your audition. This is a huge part of acting and scores major points with us.

8) It’s okay to experiment a little.

While you want to hit on the key touchstones the writer or director want you to hit, feel free to stretch your performance a little or try something new. Try an accent. Try an air. Change up your physicality. Experimentation means ideas are being generated. That’s how the creative process works. You can always discuss your ideas with the director.

9) Don’t hold back.

Don’t reserve your energy. We are trying to see if you can hold your own in a performance. Remember your volume. Remember your energy. Imagine you are onstage for the actual show. Don’t have us wonder whether or not you can do the role onstage. Show us you will.

10) Be ready to work.

Theatre is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of long hours and hard work. It’s not just about playing dress up and saying lines. There’s a lot of coordination, planning, and effort an actor has to put in to make a show the best it can be. And we always want the best from our performers.

11) Remember that we are here to help you and support you.

We are not here to tear anyone down or apart. We want you to succeed. If you need help, ask for it. We will do our best to help you do your best.

12) Have fun.

We know auditions can be nerve-wracking and stressful, but we want to keep the energy fun, light, and friendly. Theatre is so much fun, and we want to share our passion with all of you. If you’re open to the experience and want to learn, we will do our best to make the experience a joyful one you will never forget.

We hope you find these tips useful for your next audition. And speaking of auditions, Master Mystery Productions will be hosting auditions for our 23rd production, a fiendish little game we call Foul Play. Auditions will be held on April 26th and 27th at Red Rock Books from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can learn all of the details on our auditions announcement post.

Welcome to the family!

–Master Mystery Productions

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