Celese, Actress, The Last Garden Party

“My experience as an actress with Master Mystery Productions was the best acting experience I have ever had.  I have performed in nearly thirty different productions, but this one was superior in many ways.  First, the director, Daniel Stallings, had such an incredible way of directing.  He was kind but confident in what he wanted; he was open to letting each actor and actress develop their character; his direction provided learning moments that created growth in every actor and actress as a person as well as a performer.  On top of those amazing qualities, he truly cared about each person, and it showed through in everything he did.  The organization of the whole process was also a wonderful experience.  In many shows that I had been a part of, the process of pulling off such a large production was chaotic at worst and stressful at best.  Props, costumes, venue, and all other details were thought through rather than being a last minute emergency.  Master Mystery Productions has certainly developed an efficient system to create good shows.  The final thing that made this such a wonderful experience was the script itself.  I had auditioned on a whim, and had not expected such an ingenious script!  My fellow cast members and I laughed through so many rehearsals, and were impressed each time we realized another subtle plot twist or beautiful line.  The script could not have been more perfectly written.  I am a writer, and been published hundreds of times, and I supposed that is why my impression of the writing surprised even me, but, Daniel Stallings truly has a talent of writing mysteries.  If ever you have an opportunity to perform with Master Mystery Productions, I highly encourage you to take the opportunity.”