Our fourteenth show, ANONYMOUS (August 2017) reinvented interactive mysteries by creating an exploratory theatre experience where the audience works through a code-breaking scavenger hunt in a bookstore to uncover a stolen manuscript.  Throughout the night, the guests get to eavesdrop on conversations by the suspects to unveil more of the story, thereby building the story at their own pace.  A mix of theatre, scavenger hunt, and puzzle-solving, ANONYMOUS told the tale of a legendary cat burglar whose motives are as mysterious as the clues they left behind.

A stolen manuscript worth a fortune.  A legendary cat burglar with a mysterious agenda.  A secret agency with uncertain motives.  And a neighborhood bookstore that will become the final battleground…

Anonymous is a thief of unparalleled skill with an eye for the historical, the cultural, and the priceless.  And with a cunning cat-and-mouse streak.  When Anonymous steals an unpublished manuscript worth a fortune rumored to belong to a famous writer, a coded trail of clues leads to an independent bookstore with the message that the book is hidden within it.  A special task force has been assembled to help locate the valuable manuscript, and the audience will become secret agents in an after-hours adventure to help crack the code Anonymous left behind.  The code is supposed to lead to the missing manuscript…but as the guests explore the nooks and crannies behind the bookshelves, strange conspiracies start to grow.  Is Anonymous really the villain here?  Or is it too soon to judge a book by its cover?  Part scavenger hunt, part exploratory theatre, Anonymous lets the audience build their own tale of deception and discovery as they explore the secret hideaways of a bookstore and eavesdrop and code break their way to the truth.


Body Count: 1

Mechanics: Affordable ensemble show with five roles–1 male and 4 gender neutral.  Scavenger hunt style show where audience gets to crack codes and search the shelves for evidence hidden in puzzles while eavesdropping on the actors.  Actor improvisation is a key component.


Code Name: Anonymous

Mission Brief

Listening In

Secret Identities

Unique Uniforms

Post Mortem: ANONYMOUS


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