Crimes of Fashion

Femme Fatales

Strike a pose.  Glamour has never been more deadly…or more beautiful.  We’re turning up the glitz one again as we reunite with our first ever clients, The Red Hat Ladies of Bakersfield, to present our sixteenth Master Mystery Production full of secrets, scandals, and killer clothes–Femme Fatales.  Closing out our wildly successful 2017 season, this innovative and evocative mystery will be an ode (and possibly critique) to high fashion as the Red Hat Ladies hit the catwalk and a supermodel is slain.  Whodunnit?  How?  Why?  A group of chic Sherlocks will don their stylish deerstalker caps and sharp stilettos to learn the truth.


The magazines thought she was drop dead gorgeous.  Until she dropped dead.  Fashion model, Willow, was the at the peak of her career, booking high fashion editorials for Femme Fatales magazine and becoming the face of Carmine Couture.  Backstage at one of Carmen Carmine’s intimate salon fashion shows, Willow is found strangled to death.  Now several years after her passing, Carmine Couture is holding another salon fashion show in honor of the model and the charity she founded for breast cancer research.  But the invited guests tonight remember Willow all too well as one of them ended her promising career prematurely.  But who in the killer world of couture wanted her dead?  The truth will out as a group of femme fatales gather to pore over the evidence, learning exactly why a picture’s worth a thousand words.  Because in one of them, a deadly secret is unveiled.


It’s been four years since our first show, which was also our first collaboration with the Red Hat Ladies of Bakersfield.  And we have grown so much since then.  Our style and the way we present mysteries and the all-important clues has developed, changed, and refined.  For Femme Fatales, we created another new style of clues in our constant goal of reinventing how an interactive mystery works: an homage to fashion photography, the observant, ready-to-capture spirit of shutterbugs, and the instant frozen moment of time photography is.  Normally, we tell our mysteries through a series of written documents such as letters, journals, wills, and so on or through dialogue.  But now for a twist, we will follow the slogan of one of our fictional fashion lines.

Speak without words.”

It will be a fun and creative challenge to tell this tale.

CC logo red

Femme Fatales will also feature the talents of Heather McGaha, who will play the slain supermodel Willow in these fierce and fatal images.  Heather will not only be a gorgeous model, but is also a super talented actress who played Chantal on the closing night performance of Bury Me in Paris.  Her hard work on the show, having to take over the role with only three weeks to prepare, earned her a justly deserved Skeleton Key Award.  We are excited to work with her again!


Femme Fatales performs on Saturday, October 28, 2017 and will be a private Halloween party for the Red Hat Ladies of Bakersfield.  Femme Fatales will be available for resale on Halloween.  Stay tuned to see images from the making of the show and how we plan to bring the killer world of couture to our neck of the woods.

For the final show of 2017, we aim to go out big!

–Master Mystery Productions


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