Auditions for Anonymous


A stolen manuscript worth a fortune.  A legendary cat burglar with a mysterious agenda.  A secret agency with uncertain motives.  And a neighborhood bookstore that will become the final battleground…

Master Mystery Productions is looking for actors to play secret agents in our upcoming interactive scavenger hunt mystery, Anonymous, the fourteenth Master Mystery Production playing at Red Rock Books this August.  We welcome everyone of all types interested in acting, no matter what their level of experience.



Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13

from 5 to 7 p.m. at Red Rock Books

Ridgecrest, CA


Anonymous is a single-day event playing Saturday, August 19 at 7:30 p.m. at Red Rock Books.  A highly interactive show, audiences will go on an after-hours scavenger hunt adventure where they get crack secret codes and eavesdrop on our suspicious secret agents to learn about the story and the truth behind the cat burglar, Anonymous.  We’re looking for 4 to 5 speaking roles which can be played by any gender.  Additional “agents” can be added if enough people audition.  Auditioners will read selected passages from the original script by Daniel Stallings.

Actors must be 15 or older to take part.  Any actor under 18 years old must have parent/guardian permission, and a parent/guardian must accompany the actor to all rehearsals.  Actors will be paid for their work.

Question Mark
“Who am I?”


Anonymous is a thief of unparalleled skill with an eye for the historical, the cultural, and the priceless.  And with a cunning cat-and-mouse streak.  When Anonymous steals an unpublished manuscript worth a fortune rumored to belong to a famous writer, a coded trail of clues leads to an independent bookstore with the message that the book is hidden within it.  A special task force has been assembled to help locate the valuable manuscript, and the audience will become secret agents in an after-hours adventure to help crack the code Anonymous left behind.  The code is supposed to lead to the missing manuscript…but as the guests explore the nooks and crannies behind the bookshelves, strange conspiracies start to grow.  Is Anonymous really the villain here?  Or is it too soon to judge a book by its cover?  Part scavenger hunt, part exploratory theatre, Anonymous lets the audience build their own tale of deception and discovery as they explore the secret hideaways of a bookstore and eavesdrop and code-break their way to the truth.



DR. ALAN FLEMING–An eccentric book collector, linguist, and puzzle solver used as the team’s intelligence expert and code breaker. He is passionate about books and literature and puzzles to the brink of being an obsessive. Almost fanatically devoted to cracking the code.

AGENT BATTLE–Tough-as-bedrock personality with a commanding presence.  The de facto leader of the agents with a sharp, militant attitude who views the cat-and-mouse game with Anonymous as a kind of battle campaign.

AGENT RACE–Impulsive and reckless, a “leap before you look” sort of person.  An extremely gung-ho individual who wants to dive into a situation without analyzing it beforehand.  Generally undermines the intelligence of Anonymous.

AGENT SLY–Cunning, crafty, and solicitous who views Anonymous as a kind of genius.  An adept sneak thief brought in to analyze Anonymous’ technique and style.  Sly uses a combination of wit, stealth, and finesse to achieve the team’s goals.

AGENT PAXTON–Calm and diplomatic, a kind of emissary of peace sent to sensitive negotiations and deals to keep the organization running smoothly.  Believes Anonymous can be reasoned with.  Will occasionally use bribery and other such means to solve problems.

Other Agents, if need be.

Agent roles are non-gender specific.  We welcome everyone who wants to try out to do so.  Rehearsals will be arranged after auditions.  We will meet twice a week.  You can email for further inquiries.

We hope you’ll help us make this an unforgettable show.  Come and join us at the auditions for Anonymous!

Dan 1 bw
Writer/director, Daniel Stallings, at Red Rock Books

Reviews about Master Mystery Productions from past clients, actors, and press.

Visit Master Mystery Productions on Facebook to learn more about the show.

We hope to see you at auditions for Anonymous!  Let’s make this a wonderful, memorable show!

–Master Mystery Productions

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