Good vs. Evil: The Making of The Last Garden Party (Part 2)


The battle of good vs. evil is paramount in mystery fiction.  It creates the backbone of all these stories.  An evil act is committed.  Those who are good (or who claim to be good) must work to untangle the mystery and seek justice.  Will good prevail?  Or will evil be triumphant?  Writer/director Daniel Stallings explains to us how, in Master Mystery Productions’ latest mystery, The Last Garden Party, the audience will have even greater control over how the mystery unfolds than ever before.


At Master Mystery Productions, the focus is on creating custom mysteries and introducing new ideas for gameplay.  The Last Garden Party will introduce something brand-new for MMP and for fans of our company’s shows.  We’re taking the concept of good vs. evil even farther and giving the audience  a direct hand in how the story will end.

We present to you The Double Finale.


Multiple endings aren’t new to interactive mysteries, many of which are designed for repetition and sometimes have a standard set of clues that add up to nowhere specific.  At MMP, we like to create mysteries with definite solutions that guests can actually solve using their deductive powers.  We wanted to increase the audience involvement even more than usual and have their guesses shape the direction of the story.

Two endings were written for The Last Garden Party, one entitled “Good Prevails,” the other “Evil Triumphant.”  In the play, there is the definite solution to the mystery, one designed so the audience can solve it using the clues provided and asking questions.  There is only one correct solution for the mystery.  Based on how well the audience performs, their completed ballots determine which of the two endings they will receive.

If the guests have been clever and a majority have figured it out, they will receive “Good Prevails.”  If not, the ending is “Evil Triumphant.”


This show design increases the joy and spontaneity of live theatrical performances.  With the audience mingling with our talented cast of silly and suspicious suspects, asking detailed questions, and enjoying the tasty tea and treats provided by My Enchanted Cottage, they will be swept up in our story of Victorian mystery and hopefully hang onto every word to find out who will win at the end of the night: good or evil?

The story is finished.  The stage has been set.  Time to bring in the players.  Next time, Master Mystery Productions speaks to the cast of The Last Garden Party to get their take on their wacky and wily characters and how they created each personality in Pack of Purebreds: The Making of The Last Garden Party (Part 3).

And don’t forget!  Tickets go on sale June 4 at Red Rock Books in Ridgecrest!


–Master Mystery Productions

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