Devanne, 5-time MMP actress

“My name is Devanne Fredette and I was Lady Phoebe Walliscroft in Master Mystery Productions’ The Last Garden Party. Starting from the beginning, this was my first production outside of high school so I didn’t know what to expect. So naturally when auditions came around I was really nervous to start.  I had worked with Daniel before so it was much more comforting to know that he would be my director for the next few months. Also as a newbie to the town’s theatre, I was the odd one out with no major acting experience to speak of, but while working with cast and crew, they all made me feel welcome and encourage me to work even harder that I really felt like part of the family that made up of the cast and crew of The Last Garden Party.  Daniel Stallings’ shows are amazing with that thrill and mystery that excites the viewer with not only the stories but the venues each event takes place in. I’m proud to have participated in and proud to have to say to ‘die’ for this production and can’t wait to see what comes next.”