Tête-à-Tête is the 32nd Master Mystery Production where the audience gets a Surreal look into the murder mystery of a wealthy patron of the arts and the starving bohemian artists who try to solve the mystery themselves.

Paris, France. 1925. The City of Lights is a city of contrasts where the wealthy patrons of the arts lounge in salons with champagne and the starving artists make do with the offerings of the cafés. Yves Dufort and his friend, Salome Auclair, belongs in the latter category. His Surrealist collages have yet to make him a household name, and Salome’s work as a photographer is often dismissed by her sexist colleagues. But this huge commission they’ve landed with the wealthy heiress and art critic, Genevieve Welbourne, could set them up for life. That is…if Genevieve’s life hadn’t been taken from her that same night. But what does her murder have to do with a murdered waiter at their favorite café? At the café, Yves and Salome enjoy a little tête-à-tête to unpack the many secret lives, loves, and loathing of their ex-patron to try and hopefully salvage what they can of their big break. But as they recreate the tumultuous lives of the suspects, they’ll discover danger may be much closer than they realized.


Body Count: 2

Mechanics: Ensemble production with flexible casting. Script originally written for five roles with actors doubling roles. Original production in Lone Pine became a Showstopper with a dynamic chorus of bohemian artists who shared roles as suspects. Works well with a high-concept artistic plan.


Paint the Town Red

A Surreal Way to Look at Things

Post Mortem: TÊTE-À-TÊTE

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