The Skeleton Key Award

Created by Master Mystery Productions, The Skeleton Key Award is presented by a show’s director to an individual involved in bringing the production to life.  This individual has shown tremendous work ethic, has dedicated his or herself to the show, and has served beyond the call of duty to bring the mystery to the stage.  Each Skeleton Key is designed by the Founder of Master Mystery Productions to be unique to each production, reflecting the story’s individual themes.  It is the show’s highest honor, and winners are forever honored in future programs and on our website for Master Mystery Productions.

Our winners are:

Jeannie Johnson     Murder at the Red Fez     March 2013

Brianne Hardwick     Goodbye Hollywood     Spring 2015

Lena Pokol     Goodbye Hollywood: At the Rainbow’s End     Summer 2015

Donna Rosenthal     Hello Out There     September 2015

Margit Stallings     Hero     October 2015

Calvin Johnson     Ex Luna     March 2016

Monica Lorenz     The Last Garden Party     July 2016

Julie Bradford     Pauper’s Grave     September 2016

Dan McGuire     Murder at the Broken Heart Mine     February 2017

Katie Cozine, Darren Hoyt, and Heather McGaha  Bury Me in Paris  Spring 2017

Nicole Johnson     Ode to Agatha     July 2017

Leslie Blake     Anonymous     August 2017

Devanne Fredette     The Silent City     September 2017

Michelle Stallings     Femme Fatales     October 2017

Chautona Havig     The Last Chapter     February 2018

Celese Sanders and Beth Sparks-Jacques   Exit Prima Donna   Spring 2018

Olivia Holm   What Happens at Sundown   September 2018

Michael Stallings   Mutiny on the Sea Witch   November 2018

Janis Kunz   Eat Cake   Spring 2019

Tiffany Cheney   Foul Play   Summer 2019

Steven Dwyer and Mark Zanardo  Close Encounters of the Hairy Kind  September 2019

Sam Johnson   Lenore Nevermore   October 2019

Davis Kunz     Woman in the Walls     2020

Devanne Fredette     Regions Beyond     Fall 2020

Lora Robertson     Mum’s the Word     Spring 2021

Martin Murphy     Who’s Who?     November 2021

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